Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Naked Oregonians

Oregon is probably, if not the most Liberal state in the union. Just jump on any Oregon highway and you will see liberal stickers plastered on car after car. IMPEACH, KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD, WTF stickers. It's great! I love it! Oregon is the tree-hugging, granola-munching, no-bra-wearing (the same women who don't shave their pits) haven of the Pacific Northwest. Myself excluded!! OK, so I hug trees, eat granola and wear Keens. However, there are somethings I wouldn't do....

In the news a few days ago, Steven J. Howatt of Happy Valley, OR was featured in the news because his neighbors weren't appreciating the fact that he enjoyed gardening in his birthday suit. When questioned about his actions, he said it's a religious experience for him. He feels closer to God, Allah, Jehovah or whoever he prays to, while gardening in the nude. He's a self-proclaimed Naturalist (ahem, there are lots of those here.) I'd like to see this guy plow snow in the dead of a North Dakotan winter sans Fruit of the Looms. Let's see him get some sub-zero religion! I mean, I could reference vegetables to body parts...but let's not even go there.

The city is considering passing an ordinance which would outlaw nudity visible from public places. The irony in this is that it may not be illegal to garden in the buff in Oregon. Oregon law does not prohibit nudity on private property unless the exposure is sexual. There have been no complaints against Howatt. His neighbors did kindly ask him to put on his britches, but he politely declined.

Here is the lastest including an interview with Howatt himself. Would you want to see this guy naked?? Ew!

While researching this, I came across more naked Oregonians. Apparently clothes are going out of style in Oregon. Somebody better put in a phone call to Paris and Milan.


KC said...

Alright, I didn't watch the whole video, but I'm glad that it was so dark and shaky because it makes it hard to see much skin! I don't really have any problems with nudity, it's just that sometimes it's not really aesthetically pleasing.

Ambra Celeste said...

Ha ha! I leave, and look what happens! Naked Oregonians :) too funny!