Monday, March 23, 2009

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

So many things have happened in the last two weeks and I decided I wouldn't write until I had some sort of outcome. First of all, I quit the job that I had taken to pass the time while I searched in the medical field, without having gotten a job to replace it with. At first I thought it was a pretty cool place to work and I am actually a consumer of it's product and have been for years. After about a month or so, things changed, drastically. They brought in a new VP that wanted to run things the way he did at his former place of employment. In my opinion, if he liked the way the old job was working for him, then he should have stayed there. It was horrible, I went from being treated like an adult to being micromanaged. I wasn't eating or sleeping well. I found myself turning into a moody person and I am normally a very positive happy person (unless you piss me off, of course, haha!) but seriously, it was beginning to affect my health and well-being, so I had to make a decision. It was difficult on me because of the health benefits I would be losing and we all know that not having health insurance in this country is like walking a tightrope, and given my health history, I would be taking a big risk. Add to that the fact that me not having a job would prolong the Italian's arrival. I seriously cried on the phone to the Italian the morning I decided not to go to work anymore. That was exactly two weeks ago today.

Yesterday I went to lunch with some friends from school and out of the four of us, only one had found a job in the medical field, but she was offered a really low salary. I honestly don't know how she is going to survive on that. Admittedly, I panicked a bit, but as soon as a worried thought enters my mind, I try to follow it with a positive one. I decided I was going to do what I could to market myself well and not sell myself short at the same time.

This morning I woke up and decided I was going to call a woman I had interviewed with back in November and again about 3 weeks ago. We had been going back and forth about this job for 3 months. This was going to be the last phone call. If she didn't respond or gave me the run around, I figured today would be the end of it. When I called, the receptionist acted as though she was waiting for my call and put me through to the woman I interviewed with. She told me she was so glad I called because she had been thinking about me over the weekend. Long story short, she offered me the position. Finally, after 3 months of back and forth, I finally got the job with the pay that I was hoping for, and after 90 days, if all goes well, possibly a raise. Although one might be leery given the history of the pursuit of this position, I am going to be cautiously optimistic and hope for the best. I really feel a sense of relief and I am so happy.

Now the only thing that is missing is the Italian. I hope the 90 days go by fast so that we can expedite his arrival. I miss him so much! I am also thinking of getting a new place before he returns. The rents are decreasing and there is so much out there right now. I want to stay in the same neighborhood though. I just love my neighborhood and so does he. New job, new home....and next a new..... :-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

True Love Never Dies

I'm sure most of you have seen this poignant video, but I thought I would post it anyway in case you haven't. I could watch it a thousand times over and I would still cry everytime. Man or beast, we never forget when someone gives us love, affection, care and attention. Love knows no distance or time and I think those of us that have or are enduring a long distance relationship, can really relate to this. There was a time when the Italian and I had no communication because I was sick in the hospital and could not speak, but our love for each other never subsided. In fact, I would say it grew stronger and I truly have a greater appreciation for him for having been so patient with me through my recovery. I am truly lucky and very blessed. Happy weekend!