Monday, January 14, 2008

On Dressing for an Interview...Liberal Oregonians!!

I was finally given the ok to go back to work by my Doctor, so I immediately started my search. This past Saturday I went to a job fair for Wells Fargo Bank. On Friday I bought some nice slacks and a nice top to match. I figured I'd pair them with my high-heeled boots. The interview suit I have was a little too tight. The meds I'm on have made me gain quite a bit of weight, so I had no choice but to buy something new. The job fair was from 11am to 3pm. I got there at 11:05am, fashionably late. So, there was a small queue and I must have been like the eighth person. They shuffled us into this big room where there were about 50 people already waiting. OK. I have to tell you, I couldn't believe my eyes. People were wearing jeans, tennis shoes, Birkenstocks, and cleavage hanging out all over the place. One guy was sporting a beany and looked like he was ready to walk on to a construction sight. Another woman was wearing a slip dress, yeah, a slip dress with no nylons, gold open-toed slingbacks, and a tattoo on display.

There was a hip-hop star with his pants hanging off his ass. The lady sitting next to me was wearing jeans and she brought her husband! Yeah! They were kissing at the job fair! I mean come on!! As much as I love my Ale, I wouldn't be caught dead smooching with him at a job fair AND I would leave him home. Is it gonna kill ya to be without him for a couple of hours?? It could wait for later, don't ya think? My Mama always told me dressing up for a job interview is a must. I love how liberal Oregon is but sometimes liberals have to use common sense. Although the people doing the interviews didn't seem to mind. Maybe they are used to it?? Have you ever known anyone that dressed like a slob for their interview and got the job?

Come on Oregonians. Go out and shop for that winning outfit. There's no sales tax, remember?

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