Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Job Search is Turning Into the Twilight Zone

Seriously, what's happening here?? I know we are in a recession, but this is getting ridiculous! I wrote before that I am working with an agency that places medical professionals, well apparently they have different divisions for different professions/skills. The woman I interviewed with told me to call her this week about the position at a clinic that is about 5 blocks from my home, so I called her on Monday and left a message but she never called me back. So I called again this afternoon and her colleague answered and told me that the woman was not available and if there was anything she could help me with, so I explained to her that I was to call this week regarding the position discussed with me. She said that the position was not yet available, apparently the clinic is installing a new computer system and they are having problems, but she has another position available. Great! My ears perked up. Then she told me what it entailed. These were her words:

"We have a position doing some door to door canvassing for the McCain/Palin campaign" WHAT THE?????? OK, first of all, this is Oregon. The most liberal state in the union, so why would she just assume that I am a Republican??? Or is it that she just assumes my situation is that of desparation, so I'm willing to do just about anything. I told her as politely as I could that I was not interested in a political career, my career is in Medicine. To which she replied, in a sarcastic tone, I might add, "Well I just thought you'd want to put a few extra dollars in your pocket." I was floored. So I'm just supposed to set aside all my morals, beliefs and convictions to campaign for something and someone I don't believe in???? That's like selling my soul to the devil himself. Well, I'm not that desperate, nor will I ever be. I'd just as soon go work at McDonald's flipping burgers before I work McPain. I'm a little worried now though because I wonder if this will somehow ruin my chances to get a good position through the agency. Boh!

I know that I still have a month of school left, but I was hoping to find something before I finish school. To be honest, it's never taken me this long to find a job. I've always been quite lucky. I can't help but wonder sometimes if it's something about me. Am I hideous?? Do I offend?? It's not like me to be negative or a pessimist. I'm normally a positive and confident person, but this is getting to be a bit much. I'm not one to quit or give up easily, so I'll just keep my head up and keep searching. Que sera, sera...Whatever will be will be...

And now, I'm going to drown my sorrows in some Mellowcreme Pumpkins. That ought to do the trick! :)


KC said...

Now that's a scary job offer- working for McCain/Palin!

Okay, a true story: My husband applies for a job in Rome. The agency handling the search invites him there for an interview. He goes all the way to Rome for the interview, it goes very well, they talk about salary, for about a week there are a few more phone calls negotiating the salary and things like relocation, then someone calls and asks him if he's familiar with a particular system (he works in IT) he says, well no. They say, oh, sorry but that's what the position is for. They didn't even mention it during the interview, and they hadn't noticed that it wasn't on his cv! They got to the point of offering the position and negotiating salary without ascertaining he fit their profile! Che fregatura! We were ready to move to Rome!

Good luck with the search!

LuLu said...

I'm sorry this job search is turning into a bit of a nightmare :( I've never dealt with an agency to find a job but I would imagine they don't necessarily have your interests at heart...they just want to fill the jobs and make the customer happy.

Good luck with the search...hope you find something (you want) soon!! :)

MissB said...

I'm sorry! Isn't it strange a clinic would even be doing something political like that?

I'm wishing you lots of luck that you get a better response!

MissB said...

I'm sorry! Isn't it strange a clinic would even be doing something political like that?

I'm wishing you lots of luck that you get a better response!

Piccola said...

kc-Definitely a scary job offer, however the Italian was ready to sign up for it. Mamma mia! Wow, why would they put your family through all that for nothing?? Terrible, adn thanks!

Lulu-yeah, I think you're right. I'm looking on my own too and there are positions out there, but there so many people applying for the same positions that the competition is really stiff and of course they will give preferece to someone with experience versus someone fresh out of school. Boh. I'll just keep trying. Thanks!

missb-It wasn't the clinic, it was the agency, but it's still strange because I'm working specifically with the person that deals with jobs in the medical field. Thanks!

Emmina said...

Sorry, but I also have a sad Italy anecdote - this sort of thing happens here all the time. My OH did 2 interviews for pretty much his perfect job. They both went well and he was offered the position. They negotiated salary and terms, and it was agreed that he would start the following Tuesday. Monday night they called to say he needed to wait an extra day as his contract wasn't ready. That day became a week, a week became 2, he would call and they wouldn't answer or they would come up with some BS excuse and a MONTH later they finally contacted him to say that their situation had changed, and the position was actually part time, starting after Christmas.
I guess you just have to be thick-skinned when job-hunting and keep all of your options open.... Hope you get sorted soon, hang in there!!!!

Piccola said...

Emmina-wow, that's got to be quite a blow, to find your dream job and then have it snatched away just like that. It's cruel! I agree about having to be thick-skinned. I'm hoping for the best, that's all I can do