Monday, February 4, 2008

Cannon Beach, OR

Cannon Beach is about an hour west of Portland and what a beautiful beach it is. The beach to your front and the forest right behind you. Where else in the world can you find this?? Cannon Beach was named for a cannon that was discovered on the beach. In 1846, the U.S. Navy schooner Shark was wrecked while trying to leave the Columbia River. A large piece of the schooner's deck with a cannon and capstan attached washed up on the beach, and the town's name is based on this event.

The arts are emphasized in Cannon Beach, and some of the best crafts, shopping and galleries on the coast are located here. The city is planned for strolling, and many visitors take advantage of this to visit the quaint bookstores, shops and bistros. Strict planning regulations have helped Cannon Beach keep its earth toned, rustic look.
We had great weather the first day we were there, the rest of the time was overcast and rainy, in August! Only in Oregon...We stayed at a quaint hotel called Inn at Cannon Beach. It's a really romantic little spot. Our room had a fireplace and a jacuzzi tub. Sorry, those pics won't be posted here. The Italian might not approve! The hotel offered a deluxe continental breakfast and they even had a BBQ for guests on Saturday with hot dogs and hamburgers, yum! The meat-loving Italian was in heaven.
Cannon Beach is also a seafood lovers' paradise. I think I ate clam chowder at every restaurant we dined in, except for when we went out for a fancy dinner at Newmans at 988 That was a pleasure for the senses!!
Since the weather wasn't cooperating we drove up and down the coast exploring different places including Ecola State Park, Astoria and the Tillamook Cheese Factory for free samples of yummy cheddar cheese!! Even though the weather wasn't ideal for us beachgoers, we still had a great time. We realy bonded on this trip to the beach, grew even closer and fell deeper in love :) I highly recommend a trip to Cannon Beach. It just may be the thing your relationship needs!


Jessica_in_Rome said...

OMG! You know I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oregon coast! I wanna go back! It is the perfect romance place :)

Jilli said...

I've never been to Oregon, always lived on the east coast. (Cape Cod, MA and VA) After seeing your pics, I think a trip will be in the future...

Piccola said...

Jessica- It truly is romantic! Especially when you sit around the fire pits with your honey and make smores.

Jilli- Oh you will truly love it. Before Ale came last summer he got an email from the Oregon tourist board in Italian with a picture of Cannon Beach. It's the most photographed beach and was rated the #1 family beach. My pictures don't do it justice, really.

bleeding espresso said...

*So* pretty! Thanks for sharing :)