Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Amore

To My Dearest Chiquito:

I want to be yours

Not for a day

Not for a year

But for a lifetime

I love you

Wish I was there to tell you how much

You are all that is beautiful to me and I miss you so much.

Ti amo.....Bacione



Ambra Celeste said...

Can I comment here on this very personal post? ;)

Wow! I can feel the love!

Hugs to you Piccola, from all of us!

Cherrye said...

Hey there! That is personal, and very beautiful!

Gotta say though - I'm not into that Obama pic on the right hand side...I'm a Hillary gal!

Piccola said...

Caio Ambra-Of course you can comment on this post. Hugs right back at 'ya!

Cherrye-Thanks! I think Hillary would make a great Vice President, but either way, a Democrat in office would suffice!

Anonymous said...

How very sweet!

... 9 months is still a long time you should find yourself someone! I feel so much better since having mine cut :)