Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cycle One in the Bag!

Today is day 7 of Cycle 1 on my Extreme Fat Smash diet which means I am on the last day of the detox phase. I have done unbelievably well this week! I didn't cheat once! I'm not going to lie, I've been having cravings like a mad woman, but I have never once given in. Even when faced with all kinds of yummy food at school and on tv. I'm not supposed to weigh myself until the 10th day but I just couldn't wait because I could feel that I had lost some weight. So when I got on the scale, to my surprise, I had lost 5 lbs in 6 days!!! I was so excited and it gave me the motivation I needed. I only worked-out one day this whole week because I was lacking in the motivation department but today I got the fever!! If I had worked out more I'm sure I would have lost at least a couple more pounds but now that I'm motivated, cycle 2 should be great! I'm taking boxing and kickboxing classes and my first went really well. I mean, I lost my energy half-way because I'm so out-of-shape, but it still felt good just to be there moving and doing something. I kept up pretty well. So tomorrow I will start cycle 2 and I look forward to my next weigh-in. 5lbs down and 45 more to go!!

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Leanne said...

Go you! Well done! It must be really hard, but now that you have lost some weight it will be just the motivation you need to work that extra bit hard. So happy for you!