Monday, November 10, 2008

Slip of the Tongue...??

So as most of the world knows, the "youthful" and often tactless Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi made a remark about our new President Elect being young, handsome and even "tanned". Hmm..anyhow, here is how some Italians have responded to his remark:


fromtheworld said...

Berlusconi is not new to this kind of unfortunate sentences. Did you see the article I linked my blog? Sorry, it is in Italian, but anyway, it is about a long list of all the wrong things Berlusconi said at the wrong moment.

Scintilla said...

Well, Berlusconi was describe as short, fat and balding by the English press when he first came into power. They forgot to add 'pea-brained'!

Piccola said...

Fromtheworld-I did see your article but since my Italian level is still really basic, it was too advanced for me. Berlu needs to really learn to be tactful!

Scintilla-Perhaps Berlu feels the need to say these things since the English press did it to him?? Boh. As the respresentative of Italy to rest of the world, he should know better! Pea-brained indeed!